The Shock Pop

The Shock pop While Working Alone

The Shock Pop Stress Relief


The Shock Pop Catching a Prowler

Things you can do with a Shock Pop

Place on the Patio of Home or Apartment

Place inside of Office when working late

Relieve stress

Perfect for Camping perimeters alert

Place under Matt when your boat is docked

Kids and Adults Love Jumping on The Shock Pop for simple satisfaction 

Catch the Kids that are sneaking out

Pranking a friend 

An Alert to give you time to prepare for a potential intruder 

Large Animal Deterrent or early detection

Great gift for every occasion

Perfect for RV Parking Simple Alert

Can be reused up to 12 times

Cut them in Half to fit in smaller areas

Merit Award in classrooms

New games created everyday with the Shock Pop

Great for creepers deterrent at the beach

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